Rice Pack Minis | Cheetah in Navy, Aromatherapy rice bag, hot and cold therapy, Flax Seed, Microwaveable Rice Heat Pad


These are a "MUST HAVE" for every home, office, and car!

Studying Aromatherapy in collage, Audrey (of Wood & Button) started making Rice Packs as gifts for friends and family.
Understanding the benefits of heat/cold therapy and essential oils and herbs allowed the creation of the perfect blend of ingredients that make up our Aromatherapy Rice Packs.

These bags contain rice, organic flax seed,and organic lavender.

These are great for your little ones!

For boo boos like:
Bumps and bruises
Bites and stings
Headaches and earaches
growing pains
Hand warmers

Good for big kids and adults too!

They can be used for:

stress relief
neck and back pain
tight / sore muscles
menstrual cramps
headaches and migraines
neck warmer
cold pack
feet warmer in bed on cold nights
hand warmer in the car or outside
(just to name a few)

Approximately measures: 6.5" x 6.5"
Made with high quality, 100% cotton fabric.

for HOT pack: heat in microwave for about a minute and a half.
***start with 30 second increments to see how your microwave does. Some microwaves vary. May only need 45 seconds.

for COLD pack: place in freezer. A great alternative to the Bag O' Peas
***place in a plastic bag to avoid exposure to moisture.

These microwave heating pads also make great:
get well soon gifts
house warming gifts
holiday and teacher's gifts
or, even better, a "just because" gift.

***DO NOT get pack wet!
**Be sure to ask your physician's advice if you are unsure of use for an injury

A Note From A Happy Customer...
"Your rice packs have been a lifesaver! I've had a sinus infection and ear infection. One heated up rice pack nicely covers my neck, ear, and across my forehead. What a relief I feel from the heat and the lavender/cinnamon help the healing process. Oh, and I bought one for my sister. She told me that my 4 year old nephew, who has trouble sleeping, loves to have it warmed up for his nap. Everyone needs one of your rice packs! My sister is a cyclist and loves using the rice pack on her legs after training or a race. I have chronic sinus infections and the rice pack feels so good folded in half so it's heavier and put across my forehead. I also will just put a heated one across my shoulders when trying to wind down at night."

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